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I'm Josette, your International baby massage specialist and Hypnobirthing Instructor- "making your journey a little easier than mine was"

Renowned for services world-wide, supporting parents originating and living all over the world for over 6 years.

Bsc (Hons Nursing) Child 

BTEC. NAT. DIP. In Early Years Development

Cert. Baby Massage Instructor

Cert. Newborn Nurture Instructor

Cert. Hypnobirthing Instructor

Cert. Starting solids facilitator

Cert. Tummy time Practitioner

First Aid Certified with Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (The German Red Cross)

The little nestling place®- renowned for supporting families world wide, teaching parents originating from all over the world. This makes The little nestling place® your bespoke international service offering tailored courses just for you. With qualifications accredited by The Royal College of Midwives in the UK.

My Why

I have two little darling monsters and a husband who supports my every "I've got an idea" proposal. I am always shooting my arm up with an idea- he listens, he supports, he is simply the best.

I started to grow my first boy monster munch in the UK then off I popped to Germany, me, my bump and two suitcases where I laboured in silence, I gave birth to him in silence and I took him home to silence.

I was craving English at the beginning and found it difficult trying to find places in Stuttgart to take my baby boy where English was the predominant language. Why would it be easy? I'm in Germany!  Fast forward a couple of years, a few completed German language courses, I became a certified baby massage instructor, a mama for the second time to a baby girl monster munch a Newborn Nurture Instructor and Hyonobirthing Instructor.

The Little Nestling Place was born because of my passion to continue working with babies and families, to offer nurturing support and knowledge to all parents, and also due to my own experiences and struggles as a Black, first time mama in a new country.

The Little Nestling Place was born because no-one should birth in fear.

The little nestling place is here to FULLY support Black and Brown families. Because REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

The Little Nestling Place is here to help support families who have moved to a non English speaking country, facing the challenges of becoming a parent with no extended family for emotional, mental or physical support. 

The Little Nestling Place is here to connect people with people because after all, sometimes it does take a village and by coming together we aim to tackle some of that isolation and create community bonds that last a life time. 

I am a co-author of 'Love letters for new mothers' and co-author of 'Mother light'. Profits from both books are donated to the Blossom and Berry's charitable project in Malawi with Love Support Unite, which supports vulnerable mums and babies in poverty in Malawi through baby massage, safe motherhood education and health initiatives. (This beautiful book can be purchased directly from Amazon).

"When something is organic it's; kind, friendly, gentle, safe, healthy. Nourish your baby's body, mind and soul with your gentle, loving organic touch". - Josette TLNP

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The little nestling place®

"From the Nest of the Womb to the palm of your hands"

The Little Nestling Place® is committed to supporting parents-to-be, parents and babies using natural methods to help nurture and empower your mind and your baby naturally

"Putting you in the KNOW. You deserve to KNOW" Josette

Moving to a new country? 

Birthing in a new and very foreign city? 

No extended family nearby for support?

Not wanting to physically attend a class?

Any of these situations can be an incredibly lonely, isolating, worrying and hectic time. Classes will provide a safe space for you and your baby to form a beautiful love bubble and float away with your baby, to further enhance parent/baby communication, to learn a lifelong skill and above all, to strengthen your beautiful bonding process, trust your instincts and leave you feeling empowered.

So, submerge in a relaxing environment at The little nestling place to experience organic nurturing through hypnobirthing tools and the beautiful and ancient art of baby massage. 

"When something is organic it is; kind, friendly, gentle, safe, healthy. Nourish your mind, body and soul, nourish your baby's body, mind and soul with your gentle, loving organic touch" ~

Josette, The Little Nestling Place 

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. The Little Nestling Place is here for you.

About me: About
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