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Frequently asked questions

No question is a silly question

How old can my baby be for your classes?

We recommend that baby is at least 8 weeks old to join our classes here at The Little Nestling Place.

When should I massage my baby?

The best time massage should be carried out is when your baby is calm, alert, and content and when you too are happy and relaxed. 

What if my baby cries during the classes? 

Our classes are fun, relaxed, friendly and supportive. They are centered around baby so respond to your baby's needs. It is better to give a 2 minute massage when your baby is happy and relaxed than a full body massage that was not enjoyed.

What do l need to bring to the classes? 

All you need to bring is your usual baby changing bag with all the necessary items inside and a towel/blanket to lay your baby on. Provided are; mats, pillows, cushions (for your comfort), a free bottle of oil, a welcome gift, handout with the full baby massage routine and a certificate on completion of the course. 

What happens if I miss a class? 

Please don't worry. If you miss part or a full class of the learned strokes, the class will be repeated next week. 

I would like to attend your class but my baby is already crawling. Is this ok? 

That's absolutely fine, you are more than welcome to join. As your baby is at the crawling age he/she might need extra stimulation and breaks as lying down for a longer period of time may not be interesting for your baby. 

My baby is due immunisations, can I still carry out massage? 

Always wait 72 hours after immunisations to proceed with baby massage and avoid massaging and putting pressure on the actual site of the immunisation as this area can be sore and tender.  

When should I not massage my baby?

If your baby is suffering from any of the following conditions it would not be advisable to massage. 
 - Acute infections - Recent Surgery - Fever  - Open Sores - Sickness - Diarrhoea - Inflammation  - Undiagnosed lumps and bumps - Jaundice - Contagious Disease - Meningitis - Serious Skin Complaints - Recent Haemorrhage - Varicose Veins - Childhood Leukaemia 

Always wait 72 hours after immunisation.

If your baby suffers from any other conditions, you should ask your Kinderarzt whether massage is advisable.

I am not a native English speaker. Can I still attend?

Oh yes! Most definitely! If you can understand English please do come along.