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Slap bang, right in the middle of your belly

The belly line aka the LINEA NIGRA- what a name for it.

But what is it? Do we all get it? Will it go away?

That visibly darker vertical line which has appeared is making you question all things pregnancy! 'The joys of pregnancy' I hear you say...

It's right, slap bang in the middle of your belly, right over your bump, probably made a left turn at the rounda...I mean your belly button and it seems like it goes on foreverrrrr.

Yeah, THAT dark vertical line.

It appears on around 75% of pregnant bumps! So not everyone will get them but the majority will. You are certainly NOT alone.

It can be darker on some bumps, lighter on others. But 'why' I hear you ask? Well, as you know we're just fabulous humans and our fabulous bodies have hormones which cause our amazing bodies to produce a larger amount of melanin and this gives our skin pigment- the more you have, the darker you are. Like me *Cheshire cat grin*

So will it go away?

It might do. 'YES' I hear you say! But it might not (I saw you stop the happy dance and eye roll me). However, you might notice it'll fade and not be as dark- have I redeemed myself?

If it's there to stay it's just another reminder of the epic and precious journey your fabulous body went through.

So, you're not alone! Here's me and my line, (enjoying it's holiday for free) getting my tan on with my 5 month bump in Gran Canaria 2017!

Those were the days!

Pop over to my instagram page @thelittlenestlingplace via the 'click me' button to find out how my belly line looks today, 4 years later.

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