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Your nourishing touch


Why massage your baby

By massaging your baby you are helping to strengthen your bond and secure an attachment that will last a lifetime. It gives you the opportunity to communicate the deep emotions of love, security, comfort, support and trust. It allows you to get a greater understanding of your baby’s subtle non-verbal language and gives you the ability to listen and observe your baby. Massage also helps empower you to feel more confident, reinforcing the natural power of touch between you and baby. When a baby is born, they need to feel loved, secure, protected and have their needs met. We are biologically and chemically designed to bond with our baby through eye contact, touch, verbally and non verbally. But sometimes the bond does not come naturally or straight away for many reasons, life with a new baby can be pretty hectic and that is okay. It's okay. Through loving massage the needs of baby and yours can be met as massage increases oxytocin (the amazing happy hormone) in parents and baby creating a domino effect which promotes healing and a sense of feeling good leaving you and baby calm, relaxed and full of love.

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby massage is an art of nurturing which encourages loving communication between parent and baby. Through this art of touch;




Stimulation and development

are encouraged. 

Massage releases hormones which can assist in relieving discomfort from teething, chest and nose congestion, colic, tummy troubles which can aid digestion and expel wind and emotional stress. 

Massage produces the 'happy hormone' oxytocin which encourages positive bonding between parent and baby. Spending intimate one on one time with your little one can help you get to know each other and creating a secure and positive attachment.

Massage decreases stress and tension for both you and your child. It encourages a state of calmness and relaxation.
Through massage, your baby's muscles relax and breathing becomes deeper which promotes a deeper and more settled sleep. 


Massage can also stimulate your baby’s circulatory and digestive systems, hormonal and immune systems, coordination and balance, learning and concentration, muscular development and growth and even their mind and body awareness, so you may find it an important part of maintaining your baby’s total wellbeing. Gentle massage encourages the development of flexibility and co-ordination and because massage increases oxygen and nutrient flow to the cells it is aiding further growth and development. 

Massage oil nourishes your little one's skin and skin stimulation also provides a vital trigger to the nervous system.