Know your Birth

"Guiding you through a series of fluent, yet powerful tools aimed at training your beautiful mind to think about birth positively. Arming you with knowledge, filling you with confidence, leaving you empowered and fully trusting in your body. Know your birth" - Josette



Giving you the tools to eliminate fears during pregnancy and feel less fearful of giving birth. Teaching you how relaxing your mind and body during birth, transforms you're physiology. Giving you practical tools and techniques to promote deep relaxation and mindfulness. Informing you how to unify birth partners and care providers, to ensure your birthing environment is stress-fee and has the most conducive set up for a calm and relaxing birth. Also giving you breathing techniques and visualisations to help with the sensations of birth.

 All of this and more to you prepare you to 

"Know your Birth".

HypKnowBirthing Course 
C O M I N G  S U M M E R  2 0 2 0 



Congratulations on your pregnancy. You will find that I'm very a very realistic and authentic instructor who is definitely not a vagina whisperer. I am not going to tell you your vagina will open up like a flower, because realistically, it won't. Sorry.

BUT what I am, is someone who will guide you through a series of simple, yet powerful tools aimed at training your beautiful mind to think about birth positively and alleviate any fears, arming you with knowledge, filling you with confidence, leaving you empowered, fully trusting in your body to do the job it knows it can.

Finally, leaving you wanting to tell your birth story to the whole world and how much it ROCKED (and that you'd want to do it again).

This is the powerful impact of hypnobirthing.

"Know your Birth" with the support of your HypKnowBirthing Course.



"May your birth be marked with empowerment and positivity."

- J. R. Sticher.

Over the duration of the course you will be taught the tools and techniques to learn how to trust your amazing body, letting go of any fears or limiting thoughts, through the proven method of Hypnobirthing.

When you experience the power of self hypnosis you will bypass your critical mind and access your subconscious through a deeper level of relaxation remaining in control the entire time.

When you do not give fear a second thought, you allow your birthing muscles and your baby to work together in harmony.

Here is a little bit of how you can feel confident and calm in your body's ability through hypnobirthing practicing and learning about:

  • The fear of giving birth

  • The science of birth

  • Self Hypnosis

  • How your brain affects everything

  • Birth preferences and communicating this with the health care tea

  • The importance of the birthing environment

  • The positive effects of relaxation and meditation

  • Coping techniques

  • Discussing what happens immediately after birth

  • Bonding techniques

  • and so much more...

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