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The little baby spa

Father with Newborn Baby

Newborn nurture


Baby massage





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Putting you in the KNOW.
You deserve to KNOW

HypKnowBirthing FROM €197

Including The Calm Birth School Digital Bundle with:

6 beautiful and relaxing Self hypnosis scripts





The Little Nestling Place folder full of:

Extra learning material

German to English Translations

First time parents

4 weekly online sessions


Ideal for first time parents 

5 weekly Online sessions

5th week Newborn Nurture:


Subsequent parents

4 weekly online sessions


Ideal from 25th week of pregnancy. Over the duration of the course you and your birth partner will be taught the tools and techniques to learn how to trust your amazing body, letting go of any fears or limiting thoughts, through the proven method of Hypnobirthing.

When you experience the power of self hypnosis you will bypass your critical mind and access your subconscious through a deeper level of relaxation remaining in control the entire time.

When you do not give fear a second thought, you allow your birthing muscles and your baby to work together in harmony.

Here is a little bit of how you can feel confident and calm in your body's ability through hypnobirthing practicing and learning about:

The fear of birthing

The science of birth

Self Hypnosis

How your brain affects everything

Birth preferences and communicating this with the health care team

The importance of the birthing environment

The positive effects of relaxation and meditation

Coping techniques

Discussing what happens immediately after birth

Bonding techniques

and so much more...

Courses & Prices: About


Your little one has arrived!

My massage classes are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and Federation Holistic Therapies. The little nestling place® is an independent business which means classes are designed to support individual parents and babies. Classes are small so I can give you as much of me as possible, warm for baby's comfort and very friendly- because being in a foreign country is hard enough. Classes are non judgemental and inclusive, you will feel safe and at home.

Get in touch here
Father with Newborn Baby

Prenatal Newborn Nurture

2 sessions 45 minutes each:


This unique course slowly and gently introduces your newborn baby from the womb to world. Giving you the tools to soothe, settle and support your baby in those precious early weeks of life.

Leaving you feeling empowered, confident and indeed trusting your amazing inbuilt instincts learning:

Early massage

Safe swaddling

Baby reflexology

Kangaroo care

Settling techniques


Simple Yoga

4th trimester support

Online course includes:

PDF with all of the strokes

Love Bubble Bundle

A free gift via the post


A Skill to take you to the next stage of baby massage

A face to face private course with me will include:

A free gift

A bottle of fractionated coconut oil

Love Bubble Bundle

A skill to take you to the next phase of baby massage


The little nestling spa

Baby spa & massage

Ideal from 4 weeks

Water time and full body Shatala baby massage

1 hour 15 minutes


C O M I N G   S O O N 

New at The little nestling place® enjoy a truly relaxing experience together strengthening your connection and deepening your bond between you and your baby.

The little baby spa experience will help:

Provide mindful moments

Improve sleep

Digestive system

Enhance well being

Support mental health

Vestibular stimulation

Cognitive development

Emotional development

Language skills

Benefits of warm water

Helps to relax your baby's


Builds baby's confidence with water

You build confidence during bath time

Soothes nervous system

Boost circulation

In person session includes:

Bath time PDF

Certificate for memories


Love bubble bundle

A life long skill

Get in Touch

Baby Massage

from 8 weeks plus

In Person 4 week course: €83

4 week Online course: €63

2 Online sessions: €42

Baby massage is an art of nurturing which encourages loving communication between you and your baby. Aiding and encouraging 





Baby massage also supports your baby's:


Digestive system

Hormonal system

Immune system

Coordination and balance

Body awareness

Learning and concentration

Muscular development and growth

Supports their mental health

Face to face classes includes:

Gift bag

USB stick with all strokes


A chance to meet other mamas

Love Bubble Bundle

A life long skill


Online course includes:

PDF of all the strokes

A free gift via the post

Certificate for those memories

Love Bubble Bundle download

A life long skill


Pre-Recorded Baby massage


The little Nestling Place at Home

New at The little Nestling Place. Don't have the time to commit to a 4 week in person or Zoom course? Or maybe you live in another country and would love to carry out baby massage with me. Now you can purchase your very own online course and follow the simple yet powerful steps at your leisure and enjoy the wonderful, powerful and beautiful ancient art of baby massage whilst deepening and strengthening your bond with your baby.

What's included:

  • Online access for 6 months 

  • A full baby massage routine 

  • explanation of the benefits of each stroke

  • Mindfulness and relaxation

  • FREE downloadable love bubble

  • FULL and fun Bonus section

  • On going support from The little Nestling Place

  • Gift via the post

  • Emailed certificate

Courses & Prices: Services

Your Bump to Baby Journey Packages

Start your journey with you, your bump, then your baby in your arms. Whether your are a first time parent or not. Or if you would like to gift a special and unique gift, a gift to last a lifetime to that someone special, here at the little Nestling Place there will be a package or single course perfect for you.

Choose your package

Fancy Box

In bump we trust

Diamond Package

HypKnowBirthing (online)

4th Trimester support (1 Session online)

Baby Massage (4 online sessions)


Fancy Box

In bump we trust

Gold Package

HypKnowBirthing (online)

Baby Massage (4 sessions online)


Gift Box

In touch we trust

Silver Package

Newborn Nurture (2 sessions online)

Baby Massage (4 sessions online)


Courses & Prices: Inventory
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