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Guest bloggers- Drink wine, make milk

This wonderful realistic blog page is here for you to find out a little more about living in Stuttgart with a baby. So grab a beverage for yourself (no drink in particular), milk for baby and enjoy what the realistic mamas of Stuttgart have to share. They also translate a few key words too! Go directly to their blogs via the link icon located at the top or bottom of this page. 

Kiramiga- Beyond relocation

New in Stuttgart? 

Pregnant in Stuttgart?

Have a new baby in Stuttgart and don't know where to start?

So many questions and having a hard time finding answers?

Kiramiga have experienced life abroad for several years, and know first hand how difficult it can be setting up a new life in a different culture, especially if you don’t speak the language.

Kiramiga offer:

Birth preparation classes

Pregnancy & baby modules 

Kids in Germany 

Pre/Postnatal yoga

Go directly to their website via the link icon at the top or bottom of the page to find out more.