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A platform where you can find lots of other services to support you in your pregnancy and beyond

New in Stuttgart? 

Pregnant in Stuttgart?

Have a new baby in Stuttgart and don't know where to start?

Gravidamiga offer:

FREE weekly Mama Talks

Birth preparation classes

Pre/Postnatal services

and so much more


Or pop over to their Facebook or Instagram page to find out more. 

Bumps Cafe

How Can We Help?

Bumps cafe is a free group for English speaking pregnant women living in Stuttgart, Germany. They meet regularly in Stuttgart Mitte to talk about all things bump and baby related. Join one of their meet ups and enjoy connecting with other ladies.

Pop over to 'Bumps Cafe' Facebook or Instagram to find out when the next meet ups are.

Living in stuttgart

How Can We Help?

A well travelled Stuttgarter blogger from Stuttgart, blogging in English.

Also offering conversation courses in German.

So pop over to the 'Living in Stuttgart' website, Facebook or Instagram to see what's going on in Stuttgart.

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