"Every pregnancy, birth and baby is unique therefore you get a unique course tailored just for you".

"making your journey a little easier than mine was" - Josette


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One to one, private, bespoke courses created for you based on individual information. OR small group courses

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The little nestling place- known for supporting families world wide, teaching parents originating from all over the world. This makes The little nestling place your bespoke international service offering tailored courses.


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The Journey


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"Guiding you on an empowering, transcending, nurturing journey with 'The little nestling place's' HypKnowBirthing, Newborn Nurture and Baby Massage courses. Know your birth and discover the power of your organic touch all in one little Place."

- Josette 

Little Bellies Tummy Time- C O M I N G  S O O N 

Little nibbles Starting Solids- C O M I N G  S O O N

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"From the Nest of the Womb to the palm of your hands"

The Little Nestling Place is committed to supporting parents-to-be, parents and babies using natural methods to help nurture and empower your mind and your baby naturally

"From the nest of the womb to the palm of your hands" - Josette.

Moving to a new country? Birthing in a new and very foreign city? No extended family nearby for support? Any of these situations can be an incredibly lonely, isolating, worrying and hectic time. Classes will provide a safe space for you and your baby to form a beautiful love bubble and float away with your baby, to further enhance parent/baby communication, to learn a lifelong skill and above all, to strengthen your beautiful bonding process, trust your instincts and leave you feeling empowered.

So, submerge in a relaxing environment at The little nestling place to experience organic nurturing through hypnobirthing tools and the beautiful and ancient art of baby massage. 

"When something is organic it is; kind, friendly, gentle, safe, healthy. Nourish your mind, body and soul, nourish your baby's body, mind and soul with your gentle, loving organic touch" ~

Josette, The Little Nestling Place 


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What they say about
The little nestling place



Stuttgart Baby Massage

"Josette is a wonderful teacher with a soothing and calm attitude. From the bottom of my heart I can recommend a baby massage course at the little Nestling Place to you. I seriously couldn't have found a better baby massage course in Stuttgart".


Stuttgart Newborn nurture

"My husband and I took a two week Newborn Nurture course with Josette this month, and we really enjoyed it. The class is so soothing, Josette is so calming and patient and our little one has been enjoying tummy massages, calming touches, and light baby massage since".


Argentina online Baby massage

"Thank you Josette for sharing your knowledge with so much love and patience. It was an amazing session. Me and baby Justina felt super relaxed and connected".


Stuttgart online baby massage

I absolutely recommend Josette to anyone looking for baby nurture and massage courses. You will not regret this investment in a much needed life long skill.


UK online baby massage

Josette, you are well and truly amazing!
You have brought some calmness and love to us (as well as quality bonding time) at a time when I'm feeling quite anxious and worried. It's as if the world around us stops for a little moment as we relax into massage.


USA online baby massage 

A wonderful experience for both mummy and baby. Josette is so calming and knowledgable. She makes the whole massage feel unbelievably peaceful, even when your little one is wriggling all over the place. Her beautiful studio and friendly demeanour make you want to come back for more each time...I would highly recommend Josette and The little Nestling Place to all parents.


Scotland online baby massage

The online baby course with Josette was a fantastic way to bond with my little one. The sessions were always very relaxing. The fact that the sessions were online meant it was ideal for a quick transfer to the crib post massage.


Stuttgart HypKnowBirthing

"I enjoyed the course very much. The course helped me understand how the body works while giving birth and what is necessary to have a controlled birth. It taught me how I (my mind) can work together with the body in order to have a positive birth experience. I felt empowered".


New York City online hypknowbirthing

"I wanted to try Hypnobirthing to learn all the tools I could to help me through a natural birth. My teacher was nothing short of amazing. The biggest lesson that The little Nestling Place taught me was that birth could be a fun process that I enjoy. I now feel so prepared and excited to meet my baby".